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 Tool for fast creation of UI on the fly

Current Version:  2.3.1

  • Validators:   Some glithes in double validator solved

Last version: 2.3

The main idea is: For most business applications we have to have a set of standart forms or builders of such forms which let us to visualise any business object on the fly depends on different contexts with less laboriousness. It means visual form must be appropriate for our goals in current time at current place - by example :

1. You just want to show a list of objects in a table but in different parts of a software you have to show a different aspects of such objects with accent on different properties.
2. When user selected one of objects you must show some additional properties of this object depends on context.
3. You want to create or edit one of objects or one or another parts of one object via UI.

But it is too silly to build for every occasion particular complicated visual composites with many controls even via some UI builder (text field for numbers , text field for letters, check box, drop-down list, select list, radio button, controls for colors, for time... an so on) and layout it all and add many objects for syncronize (or bind) the visual representation with fields of business object , filling one visual fields with data and flush user input into business object....

It is crazy to do this one time but many times crazy to do this many times. It is the Waste of you Time and Money. So with such technology of work creation or modification a small application may be very tough work.

VIDGE can do it all work for you very fast and reliable.
I use it in my own projects and able to manage a big projects with one or two coders and achieve style identity in all applications. So customers get used to common simple logic of application, common appearance - it is what you need for business. Enough beauty but functional.

It is opensource project after many improvements and accumulated experience it became enough complicated, so there will be a gainful support - just contact me .

Eclipse RCP for small or big applications

I think Eclipse RCP(+ VIDGE of course) it is a best choice for any UI application at any scale.Why?

Because :

1. It is Java - the one of the most powerful languages, developed many years by best programmers in the world. It is very rich language because it has many libraries for any case.

2. There is Eclipse IDE with code completions, highliting of errors, context advices , incremental building and so on

3. There is Eclipse RCP - faster than SWING, nice looking as good as host OS (so user can see what he used to see) and use all carefully designed and optimized widgets from developers of host OS - any OS.

4. Almost all opensource - you may to change everything you want - if you want and can.

So - Vidge it is a set of templates , tools and abstract classes purposed for faster and more standartize building of the Eclipse RCP applications.

Awards of related software

Threepio - was designed with Vidge

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